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There are many species of coffee plants grown around the world, all of which can be found in the tropical belt surrounding the equator between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

The two species from which most commercial coffee’s come from are ‘Coffee Arabica’ and ‘Coffee Canephora’ also known as Robusta.

Arabica is the oldest known species and makes up for about 70% of the world’s coffee. It is generally grown at high altitudes on mountains or volcanic slopes. The beans are larger, longer and flatter than Robusta. They also contain less caffeine and produce a more delicate and desirable acidic flavour.

The Robusta species makes up for less than 30% of the world coffee production. It can be grown at lower altitudes and is more disease and pest resistant. It also produces a higher yield than Arabica making it a cheaper option. The beans are smaller and more rounded and tend to have a stronger, less desirable flavour. Its general use is primarily in blends to add body and also for instant coffee where the processing reduces its more obtrusive flavour.

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